Breville Kettle

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Breville Kettle-Model  BKE820XL Variable-Temperature

Breville Kettle-Model  BKE820XL Variable-Temperature

The Breville Kettle has a 5 preset temperature settings, so your tea will come out flawless every.  This kettle is for every tea lover who wants to get the brewing of their tea right.

What's your favorite tea the Breville Kettle will brew it at the right temperature.:

Green Tea -175 degrees
White Tea - 185 degrees
Oolong- 195 degrees
French Press - Coffee 200 degrees
Black Tea - 212 degrees or to bring the water to a boil.

The Breville Kettle has a temperature hold feature that will keep your water at the preset  temperature so there's no need to reheat.

With the auto shut off feature no more worrying if you forgot to turn off the kettle and racing back to your home to check. 

This Breville Kettle has high 4-5 start ratings.


Breville One-Touch Tea Maker

Breville One-Touch Tea Maker

If you find you actually really are serious when it comes to your tea's quality than the Breville One - Touch is definitely for you. The entirely automated tea basket moves  down, and then upwards, lightly mixing the leaves to precisely soak the leaves of your tea. Press the container switch and observe the container proceed out and in of immersion.

Various teas demand precise water temperatures and regulated brewing periods to permit their own flavors and scents to build up in the course of brewing. The Breville One - Touch Maker does away with any kind of uncertainty therefore you actually will appreciate a very fantastic cup of tea, each and every time.

Completely programmable for any kinds of tea, h2o temperatures , and also steep times. The moving tea container enables water to flow without restraint around the single tea leaves for maximum infusion. Set the brew timer and awaken with the smell of one's favorite brew.