Copper Tea Kettles

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3 Quart Copper Whistling Tea Kettle

3 Qt. D├ęcor Copper Whistling Teakettle
You will enjoy this Copper Tea Kettle.  It's a essential must have for any tea lover! Constructed of steel with a copper body, you get a tea kettle with contemporary and traditional styling.  This copper kettle will make a great compliment to your kitchen. With it's whistling spout with cover and three qt. capacity, making your favorite hot beverage couldn't be simpler.

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2 Quarts Solid Copper Hammered Teakettle with Wooden Handle

Hammered Teakettle with Wooden Handle
This 2 Qt. capacity  Copper kettle has an adorable wood handle and is traditionally styled. The hammered and smooth copper texture puts this beautiful kettle in a class of its own.   The kettle is great for decoration and as a conversation piece , but if your using this kettle for cooking the protective coating must be stripped off with any basic lacquer remover. Instructions included.

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2 Quart Copper Tea Kettle w/Ceramic Handle

2 Quart Copper Tea Kettle w/Ceramic Handle
Traditional Solid Copper kettle, accented with solid brass and a white ceramic handle. This Copper Tea Kettle can hold 2 qt and  will make a wonderful accessory for your kitchen.

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