Induction Kettle


Cuisinox Elite 85 Oz Whistling Induction Kettle

Cuisinox Elite Induction Kettle
The Cuisinox induction kettle is specifically created for induction and all glass top stoves.  It performs perfectly on gas and all other stove tops. This kettle is easy to maintain and the stainless steel mirror finish will be a great accessory in your kitchen.  Let the whistling of this fine kettle remind you again and again that your favorite hot beverage is ready.

Chantal Induction Kettle

Chantel Induction Kettle
The Chantal Induction Kettle is an enamel-on-steel tea kettle that comes in 5 classic colors, cobalt blue as seen here, onyx, blue and red. Not only is this kettle pleasing to the eyes, but it heats your water quick.  The whistle is a distinctive sound like no other.  When you pour your water the design makes the kettle well balanced and easy to pour.  Other than being a little pricey and small 2 1/2 quarts there is a color that will fit your kitchen's fancy.