Are you on the market for the best induction tea kettles? Thankfully, there are a few reliable brands that have been known to deliver some of the best cookware products suited for induction stoves and other similar methods of cooking.

You can view these products below to find out which one you should get.
Chantal 1.3-Qt. Teaball Tea Kettle

This is another great product from Chantal in their range of induction tea kettles. It is constructed via enamel on steel. It also comes with a flat base such that it comes with maximum contact on the induction stove for even heat distribution and quick induction cooking.

It is recommended for all types of cooktops but works best for induction stoves. The Chantal 1.3-Qt. teaball tea kettle is also equipped with harmonious whistle so you know when the tea is ready. Its wide opening facilitates for ease of cleaning.

Strauss Stainless Steel Induction Tea Kettle 4.5 Qt.

This stainless steel kettle from Strauss is built with a mirror finish exterior, while the inside comes with a brushed finish to it. This kettle is made specifically for induction stoves with a large capacity such that it can hold twice as much as most other induction tea kettles in the market today.

It might be traditional in shape but the features are equipped for modern induction cooking whether you are boiling water for tea or trying to humidify the air. It is indeed a highly recommend choice and one of the best induction tea kettles around.

Best Cordless Electric Kettle
One of The Top Cordless Electric kettles
If you crave the luxury of enjoying your hot beverage without slaving over a hot stove, a Cordless Electric Kettle is your brilliant solution. Think traditional taste with a modern delivery. Imagine just for a second the aroma of fresh coffee or tea wafting through the air lightly, as you prepare your daily morning routine. What's wrong with this picture, if you're a person who appreciates extra time in the mornings, absolutely nothing? You realize you now have more free time to savor your favorite hot beverage that can be served at the table, with effortless commitment.  

Le Creuset Cherry Ogive Teakettle
If you don't love the smell of fresh brewed heavenly aroma in the morning, this post clearly isn't for you. What is more eye intensive, traditionally centered, and classically upheld then a Red Tea Kettle over an open flame. Red Tea Kettles add a spark of personality to your home brewery, and accent well most home decor.  

Besides adding attention to your kitchen decor, a Red Tea Kettle's primary responsibility is holding hot water at the perfect temperature, and brewing well concentrated and flavorful tea.  

There are something you should know before purchasing your Red Tea Kettle.