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If you don't love the smell of fresh brewed heavenly aroma in the morning, this post clearly isn't for you. What is more eye intensive, traditionally centered, and classically upheld then a Red Tea Kettle over an open flame. Red Tea Kettles add a spark of personality to your home brewery, and accent well most home decor.  

Besides adding attention to your kitchen decor, a Red Tea Kettle's primary responsibility is holding hot water at the perfect temperature, and brewing well concentrated and flavorful tea.  

There are something you should know before purchasing your Red Tea Kettle. 

Chantal Chili Red Teakettle
Red Stainless Steel Kettle 

Red Stainless Steel Tea Kettles, are by far the easiest to deal with in the kitchen. Amazingly simple to clean, they endure some the worst mishaps a tea kettles often face, and are fast boilers. You should also expect, zero taste intrusion from this kettle's steel. Red Stainless Steel Kettle's can easily become an instant favorite, for any devoted tea lover.

Red Copper Tea Kettle 

If you didn't know copper is extremely effective at conducting heat. To say simply, it's like no other metal when it comes to heating properties and affordability. Most Red Tea Kettle manufacturers produce this type of kettle for these exact reasons. Copper has become nothing short of a traditional tea making standard for pots. However, Red Copper Tea Kettle's do come with a couple drawbacks. Expect a higher wear and tear ratio, and over long periods of use the copper can start to stain the waters taste.  

Red Cast Iron Tea Kettles
Red Cast Iron Tea Kettles 

Red Cast Iron Tea Kettles are thick, sturdy, traditional, and also heavy on maintenance. For those who crave the nostalgic flashbacks of open country, camp fires, and mountain sides Red Cast Iron Tea Kettles make a perfect fit. Maintaining your cast iron tea kettle means keeping it dry when it's not in use, washing it with non abrasive materials, and keeping an eye for chips and cracks in the metal which can lead to rust. Other then the associated maintenance they'll endure years of fine tea making.

 Choosing the right flare of Red Tea Kettle for your kitchen can be quite a dilemma when looking at your available choices. When shopping for your Red Tea Kettle, let the knowledge from this post guide you, and if all else fails remember it's definitely OK to choose from the heart. Wishing you a thousand cups of your favorite tea, thanks for reading.

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