Whistling Kettles

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Call Toll Free 1 800 706 1336

Le Creuset Dijon Whistling Tea kettle

Le Creuset Dijon Whistling Teakettle
This radiant Le Creuset Teakettle's material is enamel steel.  No need to stand over the stove and wait for your water to boil the loud whistle will get your attention.  It has a 1.8 quart capacity with a limited lifetime warranty.

OXO Brushed Pick Me Up Whistling Tea Kettle

OXO Brushed Pick Me Up Teakettle
The OXO tea kettle is the kettle you have been waiting for.   When the whistle starts you know that your water is ready for your hot beverage. No need to open the sprout it opens automatically when the kettle is lifted and tilted. The OXO handle is soft, heat-resistant and comfortable to grip and the kettle has a 1.8-qt. capacity. Hand wash only

Progressive Old Fashioned Whistling Tea Kettle

Progressive Old Fashioned Whistling Tea Kettle
This Old Fashioned Whistling Tea Kettle by Progressive is a blast from the past with its simple design. A  red push button opens the spout when you need to pour your heated water.  Simply fill 3/4 and wait to hear the spout whistle when water is boiling and ready. It's stainless steel design makes  a great kitchen accessory that looks great when displayed.

Medelco Whistling Kettle

Medelco Whistling Kettle
This glass Whistling Kettle is a great way to boil water with out having to stand over the stove and watch.  Made from thermal shock resistant glass the Medelco whistling kettle has a plesent wistle to alert you once your water is ready. The kettles is  also designed for any type of stove top.